Monday, May 30, 2022

Will I Get Rich Trading?...Probably Not

Don't throw that coffee cup at your screen, I'm only being honest. Do some people get rich trading?...Absolutely. The internet is filled with talented pitch men that can hype anything from watching the stars to the latest and greatest make you rich on auto-pilot software program for your trading signals. (but the stars thing does work great with my wife) Well, here today on the World Wide Web I am going to reveal the Holy Grail of trading. The surprise is it won't be found sold on the 'net in fact it is not a trading system at all. It is (drum roll please) being honest with yourself. My goodness, that's not very exciting after all the hype we've been fed by the guru's.

The truth is there are many trading systems that work, but there are precious few people can be honest enough with themselves to pick a system correctly. Most people that want to trade start off by looking for that system that will beat the market. Now I know that some systems out perform others and by all means you should seek the best one. Where many struggling traders miss the boat is they don't understand the best system is the one that matches your own personality. If one trader has good discipline he may not need a system that is very rigid. On other side of the discipline spectrum, a trader would need many rules to protect him. If either of these traders try to trade with other's system they would probably fail. When you try to trade a system that does not align with your need for discipline as an individual you are destined to fight the very system your trading. The holy grail that many seek is the ability to correctly identify their strengths and weaknesses. This sounds simple but you would be surprised at how many people will disregard certain weaknesses that they do not want to admit to anyone, even themselves. If more traders would first be brutally honest with themselves and then design a system tailored to their own attributes we would have many more Rich traders.

Will you get rich trading? If you have the honesty to choose the correct system, and the discipline to follow that system it may be possible.

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